The Day Before Tomorrow (Featuring Rebecca Richards)

#procrastinationchallenge #bec
"I would have done it yesterday"… Here's a short reflection of what we could have got up to today, if only… . Vocals by the very amazing Bec ( Rebecca Richards). Thanks, Bec! Video features a global first – we managed to be the first people to properly capture some hardcore live procrastination. For anyone who says that this makes for a slightly dull video, shame on you!


  1. Fantastic song Ian, a great easy paced vibe and whilst I’m not in the garden listening, I’m laid back in my easy chair do nothing, but not procrastinating as I’m listening to this lovely tune. Bec has also given you a lovely vocal. She should be dubbed The Queen of Harmony. Top marks both.

  2. Thanks again, Bec! Listened again, and the magic is, I think, in the spaces you added between the words. The tune is similar to the original, but way better. It’s all in the gaps…

  3. Charlotte, thank you. I think we’ve all been there with that type of procrastination 🙂 “I guess I’m watching old paint dry (my favourite)” was originally the first line, but it got shuffled backwards.