The Best

A song to say “thank you” to Queen Elizabeth II for all the years of service she gave our country. It’s a simple song but any feedback is always appreciated.

Lyrics are as follows:

You gave your life to our country
You gave us strength when times were tough
70 years of dedication
Served with dignity and love
And although I didn’t know you
The world won’t be the same
Since you went to heaven
On that sad September day

It’s the end of an era
Charles, is our King
A glorious coronation
As a new reign begins
But you’ll never be forgotten
Our longest reigning Queen
All the lives that you’ve touched
Have a clear recurring theme

The way you used to smile
Made people feel at ease
The kindness you portrayed
And your sense of inner peace

So thank you for your service
And the promise that you kept
A life of pure devotion
You really were the best


  1. I’m going to vote this Ann because I can tell you have put a lot of love into it. I will have to up my game on the harmonies to meet what you have done. Enjoyed it. Thank you