The Ballad Of Black Bart


Well done to Ian F Ball on his great winning song last month. Here’s my offering for his challenge this month – “The Ballad Of Black Bart”. I heard about him a while back on the radio and thought at the time he would be a good subject for a song – and this month’s challenge gave me the chance. Black Bart was Charles E Boles a 19th Century American outlaw notable for his gentlemanly style. He often left poems after robberies and was reported by victims as polite and sophisticated. He never fired his gun in all his years as a bandit (he insisted after he was finally caught that it was always empty).


  1. Really interesting guitar work Alan Really drive the song along. Nice use of vocal shifts towards the end added a new dynamic which was lovely. A great choice of character too. I hadn’t heard of him. A novel idea to leave a poem behind! Goid job

  2. This is a lovely jaunty number that is – as ever – well written, and played with aplomb. I always think your voice has a touch of the Elvis Costello’s which is no bad thing. Great story, too. Cheers.