That's a Procrastinator

There’s a new challenge for TisTers, and Bec has come up with a theme
It’s ‘Procrastination’, so I need a new rhyming scheme
It’s only the second of May, but it needs to be done today
Cos I want to be the first to upload my song, that would be my dream

I’m a little bit OCD, want things sooner rather than later
Whatever I am, I know what I’m not, and that’s a procrastinator

By the end of this song, I’m sure I know, what you’re going to think
That I need to sort myself out, or go and see a shrink
But I can’t afford their rates, and for me it’s far too late,
And in any case, I’m reconciled to being a bit out-of-sync


When I was at college, with an assignment to write
All my friends would put it off, keep it out of sight
They’d procrastinate, and say that essay can wait
With mine complete, I’d go to sleep, while they worked through the night


Now I make lists all the time, I am the organised one
It’s just the way I operate, it’s my idea of fun
And when I think I’ve missed, a few items off my list
I add some more, and then tick off, the things I’ve already done


Can’t be bothered with videos, can’t do them anyway
I haven’t got time to edit, I really can’t delay
As soon as I’m awake, I’m going to film it in one take
I only wish I’d managed to do it yesterday



  1. Very nice Paul. The tune is really catchyand, as ever. I love your guitar playing. Being a procrastinator I nearly didn’t get around to listening to your song, but I’m glad I did! Cheers, Phil

  2. You blend your skilful guitar picking with such clever lyrics, Paul. I was like you at college; never late, always organised. But these days I make lists & still find myself procrastinating! I’m a hopeless case, evidently. I’m with you on the videos too; I’m a one-take woman. ?