Our brothers and sisters in so many places across this planet seek refuge from the storm of war, oppression, poverty and starvation.
Hope can be such a powerful force. It is the hope for peace, community and a better life for their families that drives the search for a safe haven, a new beginning.
Many of the people immigrating to the U.S. must make a journey from South America, through the perilous, dense jungle from Columbia to Panama known as the Darién Gap.
They cross through the jungle and then cross the Chihuahua or Sonora desert to make their way to the southern U.S. border. They come here against all adversity, all challenges.
They come from South America, Sri Lanka, Africa, Haiti, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
They carry their children and those in need, on this journey. So strong is their Hope !
Their prayer is for refuge for their family. Their hope is for a better life.
It is the hope of all mankind.

I wrote this song about one such journey.