Tell Me Anna

A tribute to Anna Mary Robertson Moses (1860-1961) a.k.a. Grandma Moses. The video is made up of a few of her paintings, showing the inspiration for the song. I’m on piano, bass and vocal; my friend Dan Webb plays guitar and mandolin. Eventually the MIDI drums and violin will be swapped out for the real thing too, but not in time for this challenge! Hope you enjoy.


  1. Welcome Doug! I’m relatively new on here too. I think your song is fantastic and I loved the video with all the paintings too. Look forward to hearing more songs from you.

  2. Cracking good song that. I’m sat beside a lake looking across the water with your song playing in my earphones. Perfect moment.’your studio has a really nice sound too😁👍

  3. Fantastic Doug. I wanted to close my eyes and listen, but my gaze was held by the paintings and they way you linked them to the lyric. Great song, great production. Well done

  4. A really pro production. I’ve never heard of her before but she reminds me a little of Lowry in terms of naive art. A song to get lost in whilst watching those images. Welcome to Tist.

  5. Welcome! A lovely song and so beautifully produced! I really liked the lift in the chorus and the pictures really helped to draw in the context of the story. Looking forward to hearing more

  6. Welcome Doug. Love your song. I can see from the paintings why she would inspire you. Very impressive production in such a short time. You have a beautiful rich voice. Looking forward to hearing more of your creations.

  7. One of the best this month Doug

    I appreciate the work you have put into this. Involving other musicians and a complete video that supports the themes in the lyrics so well. I’m voting for the USA here. Thanks


  8. How I love this, Doug! Beautiful song and production. I wish you lived down the road from me and could show me how to make a song sound like this. I’m still in the foothills, writing my songs in snatched moments of time & singing to my phone with little knowledge or ability to create something as lovely as this. I look forward to hearing more of your music and being inspired by what you achieve.