A pop song about that most retro of devices, The Telephone! And trying to get a hold of that special someone while travelling in the pre-mobile era. Hope it gets your foot tapping and your body bebopping!


  1. Not sure if this is meant to be funny, but it got me smiling! Your voice improves the higher it raises …. great punky undertones make a refreshing change to the predominantly folky alternatives I’ve listened to so far in the other entries. Two minutes of telephone angst …. cute!

    1. Thank you @X24 for your your comment!The song, indeed, is a light-hearted telephone angst of the kind we don’t really experience anymore in the dance of instant texts across borders. Funnily enough, although I usually play the accordion on my songs, I didn’t put it on this as was keeping it to basics but even then, we always veer towards punk rather than a folk sound. My voice was weaker than I’d have liked on the lower register because I’m recovering from bronchitis.