I do find the monthly challenges a challenge and opted not to enter last time. An idea for this months #childhoodmemories germinated, and then I wished I hadn’t started it, and now I have trouble singing it!

Anyway, it’s called “Teddy” and it’s a bit of a work in progress, but I need to put it away for a while now 😂. I hope you like it. All feedback gratefully received.


  1. Sweet song Erwin, though for me it lacked presence because of your orientation away from the camera – but noted that it is WiP. Welldone for getting, done. I note Glyn’s cheeky question about the fiddle player – I suspect band in a box sydrome – is that right?

  2. Oh that’s a delight. I’ve still have my teddy & he’s been a faithful life-long friend . The fiddle accompaniment is a great choice to accompany the lilting waltz. Absolutely love it, Ervin!