Talent is Timeless – The Song

The first (and probably, by popular demand my last) song purposely written for a monthly contest. A shameless bid both for the popular vote and the fame and glory that comes with it.
FULL DISCLOSURE – Most of the instruments are not played by me. The impressive piano bit is played by Mike Rojas from Virginia USA and almost all the guitars by Antony Darville from Sydney, Australia. Isn´t the internet a wonderful thing? Antony has provided me with musically brilliant bits before (see Rainy Little Island at my YouTube channel) but I “met” Mike through the collaboration section on my DAW´s website. Studio One if you are thinking of doing the same.
In case anyone is interested in the process, all these guys had to work with was my fairly basic strummed guitar, programmed drums and a bass guitar (MIDI, played with one finger on my keyboard). At that stage there were no lyrics (they may have balked if there had have been) but a “la, la, la” vocal for the tune .The drums kept everything in time and served as a”click track”.
Playing with other musicians is one of the great joys of music but being here in Murcia my chances for doing that are severely limited so the internet massively widens my opportunities. I get to work with some excellent talented musicians (both of whom, coincidentally, are over 50 – just!) and my songs take on dimensions beyond my own imagining. Which is pretty pretentious witterings for a song containing the word “apoplectic” and pistures of kittens.


  1. Oh you’re a rascal, Andy! I’m afraid my video will be straight to tablet but I have taken care to remove any offensive nasal hair.
    Smiles and applause in abundance, lovely man! People like you keep the TisT bandwagon rolling. 🤠