Taking a Chance on You (Gentle love song)

If love is a game of chance are you all in? A small sweet love song on taking chances. I've probably entered too late this month, the song was written a week or two ago but I got lost in gambling, horse, racing and casino metaphors.


  1. V1
    The betting slip
    Falls to the ground
    The hoofbeats of my departing dreams
    Still sounding all around

    Did I miss
    The starting gun?
    Did I put the horse before the cart
    Before the race was run?

    Pre chorus
    There are winners and some losers
    When you’re looking
    Looking for the one

    And although it seems like
    The race of life is through
    I backed a few non starters
    And I’m still looking for you

    I’m gonna to put a bet on you (hold)
    Taking a chance on you
    Take a chance on you

    Chance is like a
    Fickle god
    Even if I shuffle
    I’ll never beat the odds

    And I’m holding just
    The two of spades
    Still hoping that the queen of hearts
    Might turn up some day

    The cards we’re dealt
    Is all we’ve got to play

    And when it seems like
    the game of life is through
    If you help me cash my chips in,
    here’s what I’m going to do
    I’m gonna take a chance on you (hold)
    Taking a chance is what I’ll do
    Take a chance on you
    Take a chance on you

    And if the chips are down
    Sometimes • you have to • be bold
    We can play • we can burn
    we can fold

    The cards we’re dealt
    Are the cards we hold

    And although it seems like
    The game of life is through
    Lets take the cards and shuffle,
    And see what we’re going to do

    I’m gonna take a chance on you (hold)
    Taking a chance, is what I’ll do
    Take a chance on you
    I’ll take a chance on you

  2. Thanks, Heather! There were a few classic ones that I left out, “spin the wheel of chance” “put between the teeth” “didn’t leave the starting gate”…. I was pleased to leave in “two of spades”… I sometimes play a very weedy “ace of spades” at folk clubs, so that line was always staying in. At first the middle 8 was the chorus, but then I moved it all around… I’ve been taking advice from the workshops into consideration and let the song meld for a bit/play it live a couple of times before I record. Really helps. Ta for the kind words!

  3. Thrown such a lot of betting phrases on there. I really like the hoofbeats of my departing dreams. A lovely gentle song. I agree with your comment about letting songs settle before recording. It’s a bit like wearing in your new shoes around the house before wearing them at an all day event – need to be sure it performs well and adjusted to properly fit before letting loose!

  4. Absolutely! I was listening to a Elles Bailey song recently… “Barrel of a gun”, she uses a lot of well worn phrases to paint a compelling picture, I was hoping I’d be able to do as good a job. Not quite, but it was fun trying!

  5. It’s a shame that this forum pushes people into rushing to put things up. It really does seem that if you get your song up really quickly, you get early bird votes.
    I can’t rush mine either…and I don’t want to. I enjoy the writing and tweaking process and try to play mine live a couple of times too. I play this month’s entry with just guitar and the recording has the basic guitar track running all the way through. So Chris and I have had some fun performing it.
    You’ve obviously put a lot of thought into thecstructure and lyrics and it shows. X

  6. Thanks Heather… I agree with you, I never really get any votes on this platform, and I am usually finished 2-3 weeks into the challenge. I do OK on Facebook. Do I mind? Not really… I enjoy making the songs, whether or not the response is good. I do feel like I’m learning though… for me, it’s interesting to hear other peoples songs, so I count an entry as the price for being able to do this. Fun times!

  7. As one of those who got a song out early this month, I agree the number of views is definitely higher – simply because it’s out longer. But the vote to view ratio really isn’t great so I guess it still needs to be a compelling enough song to convince people to vote and I think some hold back from casting their votes until the end of the month anyway. I usually do this, but have voted for some (but not all I intend to yet) a little earlier this month just because I’d finished mine so quickly. I tried my song out at an open mic following posting and did it at a very different speed which I think I preferred (although nerves had a lot to do with the pace ?) so you’re probably both right about waiting until it’s “finished”. I just wanted it done as it was taking up too much thinking & headspace, but lesson learned. The best thing about the process though for me is the interaction and comments. I really appreciate them so try to do that as much as I can because I welcome it so much and I know you are both very much “givers” in that respect. So thanks ?

  8. Hey Rebecca, interesting thoughts! And thank you for posting… I must admit, on here, I never disagree with the highest posted songs, because they are really good… And it’s interesting to be forced into the video format.. just bought some cheap lights, and was looking at green screens… your video was epic! 🙂

  9. Hi Ian, as mentioned on the Facebook page this is a cracker – great lyrics and you obviously put a lot of thought into the other instruments. I’ll give this a vote Cheers, Phil

  10. Thanks Julie, I think you’re right.. I’ve had a productive few months… all the bits and pieces I’ve picked up from the workshops, masterclasses, hospitals and importantly, listening to everyone else’s great songs has really helped. Since Christmas I’ve written quite a few songs that I actually like. Some are more electronic/electric, so never turn up here. All part of the journey. Thank you for the kind words!