Take Me Home

This song is about the freedom that comes as we get older and she’d some of the anxieties and more shallow concerns of younger years.


  1. This song has serious attitude, driving guitar, and in yer face vocals. I thought I was folk punk dude in this forum, but you’ve bested me here! Be good to see the lyrics, if possible. Nice one, as ever.

  2. Letting go of the anxieties youth has to be the trade off that comes with age. I’m sure that resonates with lots of us here. I really enjoyed the vocal leaps and chord choices in this. Might have been hard to draw out but it felt effortless. Top job.

  3. You capture the ear right from the start, Alan, and there are many shining facets in this song. The way the lyrics roll along, your signature driving rhythm and a melody that continually engages the ear; there’s a great deal to like & I most certainly do 😊.