Take Heart

I thought I’d throw this song, “Take Heart”, into the mix as a “catalogue” submission for the #comfortdisturbchallenge . I only recorded it the other evening but I wrote it back in April during a Talent Is Timeless songwriting workshop. The challenge was to write a secular hymn and though I’m not sure it’s very hymn-like, it’s what emerged. The last verse is my favourite and I like to sing it as I wait for the sun to rise when I take my morning walks.

Take heart when the moon hides in the clouds
When the stars disappear one by one
Find hope when you’re lost in the crowd
And you feel that there’s no place to run
When the stitches that held you together are falling apart
Take heart, take heart, take heart

Take back what the years have erased
When you never tried to open unlocked doors.
Find strength in the remaining days
To discover what living is for.
When you find where you buried all the things that you lack,
Take them back, take them back, take them back.

Take this day before it heads out the door
Hug it in your arms until it smiles.
Find life isn’t forever anymore
And greet each precious moment like a child.
Now is all we ever really own anyway,
So take this day, take this day, take this day.


  1. Oh dear a teary listen here. That means your song really worked for me. ‘Find strength in the remaining days
    To discover what living is for’ oh my! Thank you and I hope you take heart from finding the time to record and to share.