Sweet Sleep

I know this is purely a songwriting contest. But I just wrote the song words/music, so instead of having a picture of me standing holding a pen, I thought Id have some fun making an animation for it. Sorry its very amateur:)


  1. Really Real! David your voice is truly unique. I appreciate it very much. I love the harp and it’s such a joy. i have seriously looked at buying one and think it’s something I’d play a lot if I took the big financial plunge. Any harp recommendations for a beginner? Lovely soft but ambient animation. I also animate so would be interested in chatting more about how and why! I use ‘Dragon Frame’ but I’ve really not had the full opportunity to explore all its features to date. Great job all round. Hope to connect…

  2. Hi Terry

    Thanks for the interest in the song. I should make it clear that I am solely the songwriter/arranger and the vocals and harp are performed by two musicians who demoed for me. I can play the harp a little using midi and a Logic Pro add on, but I thought as this contest focuses on acoustic, I’d use a real harp.
    The animation is just a bit of fun and nothing to do with the competition, but I used Adobe Character Animator, which is part of the Creative Cloud package. It takes a bit of faffing about in Illustrator to get your character ready, but once in Character Animator, it’s great because the character just follows your own lip and hand movements. Then I put all the layers together in Final Cut. I’m only an amateur at animation. Ive not heard of Dragon Frame before , I’ll check it out.

    These are the lyrics to the song

    Sweet Sleep

    In dark places where shadows lie
    truth is stalking your alibi
    endless voices drown the night
    fading memories crawl to light

    Come sweet sleep, come to me
    Take these fears, let me be
    In the soft bed of your womb
    In the silence of an empty tomb

    Cant erase and can’t forget
    The ghostly faces of regret
    Staring at you from broken glass
    7 years bad luck come at last