Sure Be Good If You Did

Written during this months workshop with Saskia. Her task was to write a country song with the title Sure Be Good If You Did, or a variant of it. Had about 1 hr 20 mins to complete it. This demo is a bit rushed as I was running out of time, so a bit last minute. I had already written a song for the challenge but prefered this one to it. Maybe I’ll post it later. Unlikely to get many views at this late stage but any comments would be appreciated. There are some great songs already posted.

Picture this for a minute
I’m sitting here alone
Empty bottle on the table
Feeling sorry, getting stoned

Picture this for a minute
You giving me a call
Then I could try if you’ll let me
Say I’m sorry for it all.

Pre Chorus
All I want to do is say I’m sorry my love
All I want is the chance to make it all good
All it needs is for you to give me a call
Sure be cool, my love

Sure be cool if you could make my day
Sure be cool if we could start again
Sure be cool if you did

Picture this for a minute
Picture this if you can
We’re alone by the fire
Hugging tight and keeping warm

Picture this for a minute
Picture just what we had
Please let me say I’m sorry
Was it really all that bad.


  1. I liked this at the workshop and like a good whisky it’s getting better with age. I think it stands up well as it is. It may be late but the effort is appreciated.

  2. That was a great workshop day, wasn’t it? the arrangement you’ve built around it as well. Not too much; just enough. I especially enjoy the lead into the chorus and the chorus itself.