1. Love the idea of a superheroes song! Really enjoyed this one’s lush-larger-than-life fullness, too. It’s longer length reminded me of something like a novel being sung, a Springsteen story style tune of old (like “Jungleland”) being musically told, or one like a John Williams track (e.g., love theme from Superman “Can You Read My Mind?”) being performed. Although I found “Superheroes” here an all-around solid, fun sound, and ejoyable entry, its lyric and sound has a full movie song feel–as though a tune specifically written/sung/geared for the silver screen. There’s nothing wrong with that (if you have a movie for it, or were hired to write such a track for a suprheroes movie), but I just think “Superheroes” here is limited to only a set, limited audience–like for a superhero film–because of that feel that this song gave me. True, there have been other “superheroes” songs, e.g., Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings.” But Midler’s song was more of an “every persons” song, rather than just one that’s boxed into a “superheroes movie-only-like thme song.” “Superheroes” here, while very likable, just didn’t give me that appeal-to-the-masses song feel because all I could hear it as was a limited superheroes theme song.