Summer Blues

The weather never changes in this stubborn southern town
How I wish it would rain
The sun beats like a hammer on the beaches thru the palms
I would rather be in your arms

Tired of being a stranger checking in and checking out
I dreamed of you again last night saw your face in a storm cloud
But when I woke, tho the heat was choking
In my heart I felt a chill then thunder broke the spell
Heavens opened rain came down

And washed my blues away, they're scattered to the wind
Now I know just where to begin

'Cos lately I'm indifferent to the world's weary charms
I would rather be in your arms your sweet cool arms
I would rather be in your arms your cool cool arms


  1. Hi Chris, I like this – it has a kind of ’60s vibe (at least to my mind!) which works well. This is a clever song, not sure if it is a harp, but it gives the impression of raindrops, and then you get the bit where the rain finally breaks – which is really well done. Nice one. Cheers.

  2. It’s rather apt that I am listening to this on the hottest day in history?. But that aside, the lyrics are really well crafted. It’s a strong performance, beautifully restrained. I enjoyed it.

  3. Great bluesy track with really interesting instrumentation. (What is that harp type sound?) I love that many harmony part (is that all you?) and the uplifting sounding ending. Great stuff.