Stuff Yer Bricks & Mortar (shanty)

So, it seemed obvious a day or so ago that an original traditional sea shanty would be ideal for a "Bricks and mortar" challenge. I did also record a gentle, lovely, love song to a house, but found I wasn't in the mood to make a video of it. So here it is.

Like month, I'm expecting nul votes, but I do enjoy writing and recording these things, and look forward to getting inspired by everyone else's lovely songs. Getting the bhodran out was good, too.


  1. Lyricisation…
    Stuff your bricks and mortar
    I’m going away to sea
    I’m spending all my days
    upon the water

    We’re sailing out from England
    Towards the Spanish main
    Catching the tide
    To the slaughter

    When the cannons stop firing
    The gunpowder fails
    We’re mending the masts
    With a bag of old old nails

    We’ll be eating red hot lead
    If we don’t raise the sail
    Haul away, haul away

    Stuff your bricks and mortar
    And raise the anchor boys
    We’re still drawing breath
    On the water

    When tradewinds and currants 
Clash and colliide
    Our ship keeps us safe
    All aboard her

    If the winds rise
    the ropes start to wail
    We’re pushed by the tides
    And pulled by the gales

    We’ll be sleeping with the fishes
    If we don’t drop the sail
    Haul away, haul away

    Haul away Haul away

    if there’s salt in your hair
    And wind in the sails
    your pigtail is swinging
    youre hearty and hale

    You’d better watch out for
    The cat with nine tails

    Haul away, haul away