Spark In the Dark

V1: Those little things, like your laughter brings – Removing this down on my angry frown – Your giggling glow, is the final blow – Constantly craving, the laughter you bring – Chorus: A spark in the dark, a meadowlark – A glimmer of hope to help me cope – A shooting star to take me far – A ray of light breaking through the night – V2: Changing my style with a simple smile – Lifting the weight off my quivering gait – Your chuckling cheers, defeating my fears – Constantly craving, the laughter you bring – V3: Battling my chagrin with your gleeful grin – A counterpart to my heavy heart – Your lingering laugh, left for my behalf – Constantly craving, the laughter you bring


  1. Quite haunting, left me wanting to know why you’d been left alone and why were they laughing, are they taunting or is it a memory of something precious? You don’t have to answer these obviously, just explaining that it left me with many questions which is a sign of a good song I think. Clever rhyming lyrics and haunting tune to accompany. Really nicely produced too.