Spaghetti Western

Parody in the style of Sergeo Leone and the great 60s/70s spaghetti westerns. quite low in ranting, but hey ho! A simple tale of life on the range where the white eagle calls. And the true hero is a cowpoke rounding up by day and cooking by night. Fine vocals by Kim Noble (not of this parish).


  1. Lyricisation:
    She was the last cowgirl chuckwagon rancher
    She was fast as the wind oh you just try and catch her
    And on her big horse she rounded up all the cows
    And then liked to hand roll some …..italian chow

    Around these parts she was known as Frankie
    Long black braids and red plaid hankie.
    A sterile kitchen for her was mandatory.
    And the cows were afraid of her ….beef caccia….tore.

    She worked on the ranch owned by Enersto
    They’d rustle up beans and their favorite pesto
    And an epic linguini, together they’re destined
    To be the last heroes in a …. spaghetti western

    Oh Frankie you’re a dying breed of cowgirl.
    From a time when women shot double-barrelled
    Riding the range where the white eagle calls
    Cook us up a big heap of …. spaghetti and meatballs

    With one shot of whiskey and a fistful of dollars
    She’d wrangle up some pasta faster than you could holler
    But Frankie never crossed a line way back then
    She was still the hero even of the garlic …wasn’t put in

    So tell your children and your grandchildren too
    About Frankie, the cowgirl we all knew.
    And when it came to boiling rigatoni she was the best.
    Cuz Frankie’s still stirring up the …. spaghetti west.

    Cos Frankie worked the ranch owned by an italian
    Collecting basil and herbs on her black stallion
    All the cowboys gathered round, she was always destined
    To be the last chuckwagon cowpoke ….in a spaghetti western

  2. Hi Ian, As mentioned on the economy class site I love the bell at the start – I was expecting to see Clint Eastwood. ‘Italian’ and ‘Stallion’ is a top rhyme. Top effort all round, in fact and your singer is great. However, you’ll be pleased to hear I have run out of pasta jokes! Once again, a great song, which is a fun way to celerate the spaghetti westerns we all love. Cheers.