Sorry, not sorry

When Ian Sacks told me the theme for this month was Regret, my head went to sorry,not sorry ?. Just for fun, recorded straight to phone on the hottest day on record in the uk so forgive the dodgy performance. A woman without regret…..


  1. This is a song Carole King would have been proud to write. I don’t detect too much man-bashing! The title works, too. Nice one, as ever. I’m too hot to get my entry in at the moment; maybe my homeland is a couple of degrees cooler than Bedford.

  2. Fantastic song! So professionally written, sung and delivered and a great inspiration for me to write as good as you! Well done. Yes I agree with previous comments on here and Facebook about Carole King/Carly Simon style who are amongst my favourites.

  3. Thanks guys I’m so chuffed at your beautiful responses. I threw this together because it’s been a bonkers busy month (work & other stuff), I guess not thinking about it too much can also work!!

  4. Thanks so much Alan, this was such a “throw away” attempt I’m a bit shocked the response but I’m now thinking it might be a keeper. Doing an album would be amazing at some point!