To be honest, I am a Slacker, so this song is basically autobiographical. If I had to classify it, it is probably acoustic punk. This is the first song I have ever written in an open tuning (open D in this case), so massive thanks to Mel Reeves for his Open Tuning Masterclass – I hope I've done you proud.Slacker
I’ve been sleeping way too long, now half the day is gone
Got a lot of ground to make up
The best part of the day, has almost run away
Before I even wake up
So, I stretch my arms and yawn, time to put the coffee on
It’s the start of my day now
Here we go

Some people get up the with the sun
Some people like to get things done
Some people don’t lie in bed
They go make something of their lives instead
Some people like to earn their fun
Work up a thirst first – I’m not one
Some people like to save their pay
Keep something back for a rainy day
Not me
Now it’s early afternoon, guess I should start work soon
Before the day is done now
Just check out what’s on TV, bound to be something to see
But I won’t watch it for long now
I’ll get going by and by, I can’t fail if I don’t try
It’s the middle of the day now
Here we go
Middle Eight
Soon the evening will be here
and the day is just a blur
And no matter how hard you fight
You can’t escape the night

Last Line
I’m a Slacker


  1. Thanks, Cath. Although I was at university during the late seventies, I never had the bottle to be a proper punk, just elements of it. Now I’m retired maybe I should go the whole hog and be the oldest punk in Bedford?…. then again, maybe not! Cheers.

  2. Thanks, Andy – I am a verbose cove, to be honest! Interesting that you hear a bit of Madness, I guess this is because it is a punky-type song, I think I was subconsciously trying to do a ‘in yer face’ type vocal so may have borrowed a bit from the artist previously know as Graham McPherson! Thanks for giving this a listen, I appreciate it. Cheers.

  3. Love this song Phil. Great tune and words. I love a stripped back song which through the strength of the composition sounds so complete – this achieves that for me.

  4. Thanks very much, Alan. It comes from the heart because I have always under-achieved: the line ‘I can’t fail if I don’t try’ sums me up, sadly! Thanks again for the kind words. Cheers.

  5. Love this. Great lyrics and rhythm.
    Do you put your words up above the camera? I really struggle looking at the camera. I find it very strange looking at a piece of equipment and not a person.

  6. Cheers, Ian, appreciate it.
    Thanks, Lance, I know what mean! I am the ultimate in low tech, so the PC sits on a chair and just above are the lyrics stuck on with a bit of sellotape. I do try and memorise the words, too, but as my songs are quite verbose that isn’t always possible. Cheers.

  7. Thanks Suzanne. With the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee coming up it does bring to mind the one in 1977. Me and my mates got thrown out of a pub in conservative Rayleigh for shouting ‘Stuff the Jubilee’! Happy days. Cheers.

  8. Thanks Bec, this was a fun one to write and do. Sadly, the lyrics are partly autobiographical. Like my school reports used to say ‘Philip doesn’t apply himself’. Once a slacker, always a slacker! Cheers.

  9. Many thanks, Kyle. Even though the subject matter is quite depressing this was a fun song to write and is probably the most personal one I’ve ever written, as I am, sadly, a Slacker. I am a Squeeze fan (I saw the live in 1978, which ages me!), particularly Difford’s lyrics – his use of assonance and consonance is incredible, most of his rhymes you just wouldn’t find in a rhyming dictionary. Thanks again. Cheers.

  10. Thanks, Kris. This song seems to have got a good reaction from TiT members, so I think I shall develop a persona of ageing, angry punk. Actually, I probably don’t need to try, just be my angry self! Cheers.

  11. Love the varied pacing of the lyrics in the different sections. Seems melodic like Herman’s Hermits meets the Hollies rather than Clash vs. the Sex Pistols to my ear, but all of the above fit into my temple. Well done!

  12. Hi Steven, Many thanks. To be honest, when I wrote it I didn’t think it punky, but it is interesting what we hear in a song and take away from it I guess that is one of the wonderful things about music that we take out own interpretations from a piece. I’ll take the Hollies or Herman’s Hermit though! Cheers, Phil

  13. Humorous lyrics there. Made me laugh anyway. With so many to choose from it’s difficult to know which to vote for but your song gave me a criterion i.e. a song that makes me want to listen right through to the end!

  14. Thanks, Chris – I’m glad it gave you a laugh. I know what you mean about it being difficult to know who to vote for. Inevitably, I think we gravitate to those folks that we have known since joining TiT, but I try to listen to as many songs as time will allow and as you allude to – those songs that make one want to listen to the whole things. Cheers.