Six String Friend

Beings as the challenge was about chords – I decided to write a song about my guitar.

I sometimes thing that writing songs takes over from improving musicianship. But to be honest, I'd rather write a tune than copy someone else..So this is a weird little two part song which hopefully captures both sentiments. No apologies for being a bit schmaltzy!

I wish I played guitar like Eric Clapton,
I doubt he honed his licks from Tune A Day,
but hours playing 78's,
Robert Johnson, Old Blind Blake.
Learning more with each mistake
the Mississippi way.

I wish that I could sound like Jimi Hendrix.
He played guitar left handed, upside down.
And maybe he'd have done much more,
a life too short by several score,
a tide that never reached the shore,
a king that went uncrowned

But this guitar of mine,
Has never left my side,
seen the good times
and those days best left behind.
My six string friend so often found the way,
to say the words my heart had hoped to say.
I know I can't compete
and what would be the point,
I just love to feel her sitting on my knee.
When nights are darkest she's my company,
she sit's beside me when I watch TV,
my six string friend is always kind to me,
live together in close harmony


  1. What a lovely little song. Your playing sounds gorgeous. I love the reference to the other players, especially Blind Blake. I still have some original Blind Blake vinyl in the cupboard that was me dad’s.

  2. Very clever lyrics. Beautifully played and sung. Anyone who plays guitar should relate to this. I suspect there aren’t many love songs to a guitar and this could only have been written by someone of a certain age. I applaud you Andy.

  3. Great stuff, I rthink all us guitarists can relate to this. Love the ‘When nights are darkest she’s my company,
    she sit’s beside me when I watch TV’, it rasies the interesting question of how us blokes see our guitars – male or female. Nice one. Cheers, Phil

  4. There are so many elements to the construction of this song that make it “note worthy” However, it’s the simple emotional connection to an inantimate object that connects with me. Three thumbs up!

  5. Sigh. Dopey smile. With you all the way.
    My children used to mock when I took my guitar on holiday but I very rarely got a look in when we arrived!
    Not sure if my guitar is a he or a she. Probably a she because of the curves but it’s part of me either way.
    I really enjoyed your song and it’s humming through my mind. 👏😁👏

  6. You took me on such a journey with this song, Andy. I remember the times in my twenties when I worked abroad and felt so very alone and frightened. I’d sit in the dark and play and sing as the tears fell. After a while, everything would feel better. You’ve written another beautiful, sensitively-crafted song . Thank you for sharing.