Silver Scream

A piano ballad about always having to perform for people. Having to please others. Only existing as a reflection of what others want.


  1. Chris, I really enjoyed this, we must chat more! I’ll email you over the next few days and we’ll see if we can work something out together to collaborate both with the original, M2M, ‘Lonely, Lost, Left’ mental health project album but also, together as two singer songwriters. I’d love to give that a go with you Chris! I feel we could find those harder words together to express our pain and joy. Could you please post the lyrics for us all here as well so that I can get a better picture of the song in my mind and ears. Really, good job and real in all the right ways. Equally, not too complicated which is from my own musical perspective welcomed. Do you know, Jacques Brel? – – I think you’ll like this… …the original first – – and after a cover – – Hopefully, speak soon Chris…

    1. Thanks so much Terry! I really appreciate it and look forward to chatting more!

      Yes I love a bit of Brell! Thank you for the links.

      I posted the lyrics for you later in this thread,

      Thanks again for listening and for your lovely comments. It’s really encouraging and I’m very grateful.

  2. Lyrics

    Come to the picture show
    I’m no one you’ll know
    But I’m black and white
    And easy

    Polished for your eyes
    In silver screen lies
    Never here
    In real

    I’ll lie, I’ll lie, I’ll lie,
    For you.

    Everyman fantasy
    All things to all you see
    I’ll perform for you

    Fade out a played out queen
    Hiding a silent scream
    I try for you, for you.
    I try, I try, I try,
    For you

    Cut to the final scene
    Nothing was what it seemed
    But you sure paid to hear me cry
    And I’ll cry, I’ll cry, I’ll cry
    For you

  3. Really relevant thoughts for many, but in particular for singers/songwriters experiencing the pull that may exist around creating what we are fired up to create vs. creating what “people will like,” and the messages we get from others, even and perhaps especially from those who support us, around this topic. I could see it in a musical about musicians, I’m imaginging something like A Chorus Line but for musicians.