Should I Wander

A new song written and recorded over the past couple of days for this months challenge. Had a toy around with the logic DAW and did some arranging (no drums mind) hope you like it


  1. Great contribution Shaun. This is really tight! Strong on the theme. Lovely lilting flowing melody and rhythmic guitar. Like the simple but effective chord sequence into the chorus particularly. Your voice is great too – sounds really relaxed and totally suits the mood.

  2. This moves along nicely and has a really catchy tune / chorus. I know arrangement isn’t anything to do with the song but I agree vocals could be higher or even I wonder just removing or reducing the organ (?). I think it would sound great with just guitar bass and vocals.

  3. Well done from grappling the DAW into submission. Shaun. I’m going to have to do it one day too. Light-hearted and I kept imagining line dancing, though it isn’t country. Ships that pass in the night, eh? ⛴️