Short Measures

I had to carry on in the tradition of Woody Guthrie. I think we are living in times where those who purport to serve us are doing nothing of the kind and have only self interest at heart. Time to disturb the comfortable. This is my song Short Measures.

You’re alright,
Privileged, protected, public school, connected
No notion of the struggles that the rest of us go through
You’re alright,
Hedge funding invested, suits are double breasted
Future proofed, free of the debt, the rest of us accrue

You serve us up short measures, to keep us in our place
You serve us up short measures, It’s such a plain disgrace
You serve us up short measures, you push more than you pull
You serve us up short measures, to keep your own glass full

You’re alright,
Private health insurance, lacking in forbearance
Couldn’t give a damn for how, the rest of us are cured
You’re alright
Exploiting, profiteering, always double dealing
Taking all the things we have, dismantle all that’s good

You’re alright
You don’t want to share it, or pay tax upon the profit
Move your money to the places, where it can be concealed
You’re alright
Lying and deceiving, backhanders receiving
Calling up a favour, so that you can do the deal

You’re alright
But you can’t be trusted, immoral and corrupted
It never is your fault, so you seek to shift blame
You’re alright
You’ve no time for the meeker, you can’t stand asylum seekers
They are taking what is ours, send them back from where they came.


  1. What a great song. Loving those chords mate. Words all true of course. I’m not into politicians of any flag colour. I think anyone whose thinks they should be in charge, should never be.😁👍☮️🌻

  2. A song for our times, John. I thought Show of Hands’ “Arrogance, Ignorance & Greed” was good but this beats it into second place for me. You’ve packaged all the salient points with your trademark skills. Top notch!!