Set Sail

A song giving advice to someone who is emotionally lost.
You have no plans to change, but change has plans for you.
Go find your quiet place, no one to please just peacefulness, heading for somewhere that was always there for you.
Climb aboard and let destiny, take you there where you’re meant to be, set sail with the wind and dream, dream.
Leave everyone behind, so you can free your tired mind, sheltered in the shade, cool and custom made for you, only you. Climb aboard and go anywhere, see everything that you want to see, set sail with the wind and dream, dream.
Don’t say a word unless you mean it, words can be unkind, don’t try to find a deeper meaning, you know love, love is blind.
What’s done is done you know that’s how it was, don’t throw your love away on broken love, stop hiding in the pain and feeling so afraid and blue, you’re not to blame. Believe, you can be anything and everything that you wanna’ be, set sail with the wind and dream, dream. Life is for living what will be will be so don’t ya think about it, set yourself free
And sail with wind, sail with the wind, sail with the wind and Dream.