Seaside Paradise

Every year we migrate up to Broome Western Australia for our winter stopover for 3 months. Its what we call our Paradise. I have travelled a fair bit in my life but in all my time years nothing matches it. This song is about our “Seaside paradise”. A video attached shows the wonder of Broome Western Australia.


  1. Hi mate, It’s raining here in the UK, so I am jealous already about your seaside paradise. Nice jaunty beat that reminds me a bit of Jimmy Buffet, lovely video. Maybe you should send this to the WA tourist board – you are certainly selling the place to me! Cheers, Phil

  2. We only made it as far as Ningaloo when we visited but have friends & family on the Erdt Coast who do exactly this every year. ?
    You had my toes tapping and I agree with Phil; send it to the tourist board. Great sax solo. ??