Well this might disturb the comfortable! Flipping the “Futures so bright, I’m gotta wear shades” idea into a “dystopian dark future, I need a searchlight.” Great fun to do something completely different with a couple of pals and fun to create a dark video. My wife did the make up and I suspended a swinging torch over a pole. Also this was done in lockdown which kind off added to the whole dark future vibe. I hope it might amuse a few out there!

Its hard to keep your chin up
When we’re facing the end
So many things now
Driving me round the bend

I feel like a specimen
Trapped in a bell jar
Switch off the servers
Its all gone too far

Walk on the beach
Watch the crashing waves
Jumbled thoughts
About never being slaves

Looking around
No relief in sight
The futures so dark
I’m gonna need a searchlight


  1. Wel that was sinister and disturbing enough for me and your vocal is front and centre despite the sophisticated backing instruments. Personally, I don’t care for elaborate videos, they put a barrier between me and the song so I scroll down so I cannot see them. Backing instruments and what to me is a ‘distant’ vocal do that to some extent too. It’s just me, not in any way an objective comment on your song.