Sailing Home

Bit rough and ready, but time got away from me in the last couple of weeks! In G, should probably be in A!!!!
Sailing Home

V1 In the morning when I wake up I see the empty space
In the bed beside me where you lay
I can still remember the daylight on your face
And the way you smiled before we parted ways

Chorus Sailing home from distant waters
Sailing home are we now free
Sailing home against those trade winds
That moved your love so far away from me

V2 I’d sometimes try to see you perhaps by chance we’d meet
In all the places I thought you may be
On the forecourt or carpark or somewhere on the street
But you were never there for me to see


Bridge Is it the passage of time
Or the passages we took
That fixed our course, put us out to sea
But the story remains
Like a passage from a book
That moved your love so far away from me


V3 Is it a cruel twist of fate of circumstance or time
Is it even my place to say
All I do is wonder and sit and think and pray
That you’ll be back in my arms one day



  1. Hiya, This is really catchy, particularly the chorus, which I could imagine an audience at a folk club singing along to. I like your strumming syle, too, really rhythmic. Nice one. Cheers. Phil