Sailing Away

This is a fairly traditional idea of sailing away and leaving the stress of the world behind. Also, for no real reason every last word of each line in every verse rhymes with every other one ! The video was a learning experience as I knew what I wanted to do but my lack of time and familiarity with the software means it is quite rough ! it was fun though and I learnt a lot so the next one will be much better


  1. Makes me feel like I’m on the best vacation. I’ll have to listen to this when I need an escape. The video is fun, maybe gives a little different vibe than the song itself, though. Together, they are a delightful escape from what ails you.

  2. A lovely, relaxed arrangement and atmosphere, Chris. The time to wrestle with the tech is a tough one, I know. I feel miles behind sometimes. We’re all on a learning curve. I like your addition of the piano at the end too. Rounds everything up nicely.

  3. Very entertaining – Really like the fact you have considered the whole package. The song is nicely minimal, gathered round a solid core, it didn’t feel like you were trying to imitate anyone which is something I think is valuable.