Sail with me

I’ve probably dithered about this enough. In addition to aiming to respond to Suzanne Harper’s #settingsailchallenge I’ve also given myself the challenge this month to write a happy / upbeat song for a change (if you’ve been around here long enough you’ll note I’m generally miserable 🤣). I’m not convinced I can write happiness without cheesiness 😬 (although I actually do love cheese!). Comments very much welcomed!!!

This is at break neck speed, Im thinking it should be probably something a bit more laid back with a band and maybe a southern twang.

This is my best take (actually my best take had my husband shouting for me or the dog wandering around but I’ve discounted those 😀) lyrics fluffed so posted below.


  1. V1
    Now I’m not the crazy kind
    But I’m planning something wild
    I got a kit bag full of dreams for you & me
    Im gonna spring you from your dungeon
    And worries bout your pension
    And drive you up to Tobermory

    Sail away with me honey
    We Don’t need a lot of money
    We can float on love and
    Dine on ecstasy
    set those sails sky high
    Cos We’re heading to horizons
    Where it’s only you I
    So sail with me

    Well We’ve done out time with striving
    And red bottom lining
    time to glide on calm blue water out at se
    So Say goodbye to tension
    And big hello to restin
    The stars our guide – sippin g&ts

    Oooh I’m gonna pull that anchor up
    And keep you to myself
    Watch your worries & your cares just drift away
    Let the stars be our direction
    The moon and tide protection
    Til the morning brings another brand new day

  2. Yeah, I like it – sailing with a country feel! love the voice – I am a bit like you tend to lean to the miserable side but it’s great when you do ‘let loose’.

  3. Very nice. Your voice sounds great, really bluesy. I like the idea behind it, too, that we can just sail away (not sure about Tobermoray, though, a bit cold up there!) Cheers.

  4. Great song again Bec. It’s fantastic that you are constantly challenging yourself in styles of writing and dare I say it, succeeding in doing so.
    Now to make everyone else on here jealous, I had the priviledge to hear this performed live on Monday evening before you uploaded this. Lucky me 🙂

  5. Excellent tune! I’m still dithering 😁
    I like the Chorus lyrics. Sounds happy too.
    Hopefully something by Friday from me but won’t be better than this for certain.

    Good luck with the votes


  6. ‘Let the stars be our direction, the moon and tide protection’…love that! I’m pulling an anchor up in my entry too! 🤣 Must be the way to go! Nice bluesy and most definitely happy song with lovely vocal as ever, I really enjoyed listening.

  7. Another great song, Rebecca. There’s a really warm feel to this. I love the way it goes from the clipped chords at the beginning of each verse to the increasingly flowing progression later on. Brilliant bluesy singing, as ever.

  8. Aw thanks everyone, I’m just passing through here on my way to listening to everyone else’s. Thanks for the reassurance, it’s certainly fun to sing / play. Maybe I’ll try it out on some more unsuspecting audiences!

  9. Really tricky to write up-tempo songs with space and no production. I think I’d have place the emphasis on ‘We don’t NEED a lot of money’ to avoid losing the lyrics in the rhythm. What do you think?
    I love your voice and your writing and playing skills just make me smile in admiration. We’ll done Becs X