Sail On

Sorry folks….6 minutes long!!!! That equals three of my usual little tiddlers
Anyway, I develop a narrative which examines relationships breaking up and life carrying on…..maybe this one would have fitted the Country theme as well .
I hope you enjoy it – it was good to work in a different style…..and straight to camera this time too!


  1. I like the imagery in this, Simon. Yes, it is quite long, but there is an engaging narrative to follow, and I love the ending of ‘where the tide will take you’, with an unresolved chord sequence. Great song!

  2. I listened all the way to the end, it was compelling.
    A very nice song, some just have to be long if they tell a story don’t thay?! I have one with 12 verses too and shortening it would spoil it.
    Well done.

  3. I thought you were being nautical Ann, throwing a ‘thay’,and maybe later an aaargh, shiver me timbers! Yes- I couldn’t find a way to shorten it without affecting the story ( I think that is one of the reasons i have avoided narrative driven songs up to now.
    Thanks for all the kind comments everyone – they are really appreciated.

  4. Gingham! Next time I’ll shoot from a different angle so you can see some different curtains.
    Glad you liked it Tracy – it was a different approach for me so it still feels a bit awkward, but that’s how it goes when you try to explore a bit more.

  5. Nice one Simon. I like the general feel to the song. It is long, but it didn’t seem like 6 minutes, so it worked for me. To cut it back would lose so much of the narrative that it has to stay at this length. Sail on brother

  6. As a Grateful Dead fan I don’t consider this a long song! Really pretty melody and a nice hook. Your strumming is rock steady, too. I agree, this could have fitted into the country challenge. It would have been nice to read the lyrics, as there is a lot going on there. Nice one. Cheers.

  7. Here are the lyrics Phil and for anyone else who is interested…
    Sail On
    Sail away with me she said, who knows where the journey ends?
    I was young and unafraid so we spliced the knot and then,
    Destinations came and went and together we saw the world,
    Skipping out over the waves and rolling through the swells.
    Born upon the sea, our children never knew,
    Any other life besides where fishes swam and seagulls flew,
    And at times we felt like Gods with dominion over all the ocean,
    But we were just part of the crew.
    Sail on……….though the tide will take you.
    And all the time we roamed there was something left unsaid,
    Did we have a destination? A place to rest our heads?
    Are we throwing out an anchor? Will we ever reach the shore?
    But for here there always had to be some more…and she said
    “I could ride the waves forever, I cannot be bound by earth,
    There’s a rainbow destination and forever I will search,
    You can stay with me or leave me but this is the only way,
    Among the foaming waves is where I’ll stay….”
    Sail on…..though the tide will take you
    The storm was fast approaching so we had to be prepared,
    By lashing down the loose and shrouding all the sails,
    The water turned to mountains and the sky was hanging black,
    We were cling on…in desperation.
    When the skies had emptied and the waters turned to calm,
    We were sitting in the wreckage, there was nothing left unharmed,
    The precious things, like water, simply trickled through our hands,
    And the sharpest sand was ground into our palms.
    Sail on………though the tide will take you.

  8. Many thanks for putting thede lyrics up, Simon. I’m glad you did as they are well worth it. It reminds me a bit of Van der Graaf Generator, if you remember them. ‘The sharpest sand was ground into our palms’ is such a vivid image. Cheers.

  9. We are so conditioned to think a song ought to be what has become ‘single ‘ length in the music industry. I love this story. Even though you wrote it…how on earth could you remember all the words lol! ..really good performance too.

  10. Ooh lovely chords. I get more of a Latin feel to this than country but you have a unique style that I love. Loved the waves turning to mountains and that long sail slide note down is just lovely. You didn’t post all the lyrics so I thought it ended sooner – was a bit of a surprise when you carried on 😀 but made sense that you did.

  11. I told someone that, when I chose this challenge, I hoped to be taken on lots of journeys, and you’ve taken me on an epic voyage, Simon. The nautical imagery was maintained throughout & never became clichéd. Beautiful lyrics. No bridge! Even though it’s a lengthy song, I didn’t care one bit and you kept my interest. I was invested in the story. and felt moved and privileged to be part of it. I bet there’s quite a few of us want to harmonise on that chorus.

  12. I’ve really enjoyed the comments here. Made me smile.
    Could you bring it up a few semi-tones? Your voice is lovely but getting lost on the lower notes.
    A Dead Head? Talk to Chris🤣👏
    Some stories take time. And this is a good story but needs a bit of variation I think?? Pick some? Strum some? Lift the vocal up and down. More dynamics.
    This is meant to be helpful and constructive. I really liked your song. Just looking at ways to make it even better XXX

  13. Thanks Heather – I really value your insight (and I agree!) I’m limited by my playing ability to some extent but I’ll definitely have another look at bringing some variety in.

  14. Suzanne thank you! I was focused on two things. Firstly, tell a story (which I rarely do). Secondly, do it straight to camera without layering. I was desperate to put some harmonies in!!!

  15. I think this works really well Simon, and as others have said, sometime it just takes longer to tell the story. I was actually taken by surprise when it ended as I was expecting more! This is a very personal song, thank you for sharing it.