Safe Passage

I couldn’t help connecting this months theme with the conflict in Ukraine. Seeing children travelling alone, separated from their families,was heartbreaking. I don’t feel like I had a choice other to write a song about it.


  1. Love the chord changes in this song. This song really reflects all our hearts, I think, during these troubled times, and it reflects something of your heart that you were compelled to write it. Thanks for writing.

  2. Great song Simon. Aside from the lyrical theme which is beautifully conveyed the melody and arrangement are captivating with some lovely chord changes and switch ups which really hold the attention. ??

  3. Beautiful. An understated arrangement which lets the lyrics shine. Love the bass Listened to it a couple of times already and will certainly come back and listen again. You must have written it pretty quickly so it shows where your heart lies. Well done, I’m impressed.

  4. Time for you to make a ‘debut’ album me thinks… …great work Simon, real, passionate, heartfelt and authentic! Ticks all my BIG boxes for a, ‘Real’ song… ….if I can assist, support or help in any way please don’t hesitate to connect! Thanks for sharing your work…