Safe Passage/Dogs of War

A short, raging song written on March 22. Quite hard to write something pleasant and melodic with this horrible war raging. Very rough demo!


  1. Ian, I’m so pleased you wrote this and took courage to show us the ‘raw’ demo! In my experience of my own, ‘one-shot’ 1st take smartphone recordings, you will, ‘never’ ever capture ‘this’ moment again, but, because of your own ‘rite of passage’ as a singer songwriter, you’ve captured your thoughts, feelings and vocalisations so very, very well that you, in my opinion, could post this on many other potential sites, areas and platforms which would equally welcome such honest, authentic and moving work. Ian, you’ve created a truly excellent song here and the fact that you carried it off so effortlessly on your 12 string is credit indeed to your skill, talent and ability! REAL! Fantastic job Ian…

  2. Hey Terry,
    Thank you for the kind words… song came very quickly… I hardly ever play the 12, as it’s a bit of a beast… so although I’m struggling with a new song, a complex instrument and a set of conflicting emotions, I’m pleased with the overall vibe, feels very honest. Thank you for recognising this. I need to resing the verses 5 and 6 as I fluffed the lines.

  3. Thanks Cath… I enjoyed making this – the structure and chord sequence are slightly strange, possibly because I wrote it and recorded it in just a few hours, so no finessing… probably better for it. Thanks for your kind words!

  4. Nice one Ian. It is a difficult subject matter but so current that it needs some commentary in the form of song and you have captured a lot of what many people are thinking. Love the 12 string sound, fits perfectly

  5. Ta, Huw… quite a fast and furious song, really… I’ve been playing with the 12 string sound, and have stopped DI -ing my acoustics and now use a Shure SM57 to record it… amazing how much better that is!