Safe Harbor

Here are the lyrics to "Safe Harbor," ©2022 Linda Marks, performed live as a duet by Linda Marks and Kemp Harris for the NPR Tiny Desk Contest.
"Safe Harbor" is an uplifting comforting song about something we all deserve!

Safe Harbor
©2022 Linda Marks

Dreams, the place that I can go
When weary sad alone
My safe harbor
Dreams, my haven from the world
Planting seeds of hope
In my mind’s garden

I close my eyes and I enter a world
Where visions can grow, I can craft what’s to be
Savoring sunlight, embracing the dark night
Magical movie clips written for me

Dreams, seeds of things to come
Resting dormant
Sleeping autumn leaves
Dreams, possibilities
Gifts for the future
Waiting for the spring

Threads of my story still wait to be woven
A beautiful garment evolving in time
People and places and moments and faces
The plot line unfolding, I’m making it mine

You, you greet me in a dream
A place where love is real
Share my mind’s garden

Walk with me slowly, your hand holding mine
As we open the pathway to what we desire
Savoring softness right here in this moment
We drift into slumber, our dreams lift us higher

Dreams, a haven we can share
Together or alone
Our safe harbor
Dreams, can nurture both our souls
Growing seeds of hope
In our mind’s garden
Growing seeds of hope
In our mind’s garden
Our mind’s garden
Our mind’s garden


  1. I Always play it twice with an hour or so in between. The melody gets stronger that way.
    i give it my vote.
    Really nice melody and complimentary harmony.