Running With Georgie

A song about the safety of childhood memory- from the perspective of my dad George and my auntie Pat. Both of whom had Alzheimer’s


  1. Excellent, and so accurate.
    My Dads face always lit up and there were often tears in his eyes (and mine) when he would drift off into his happy place and time, courting my Mum. I wanted him to stay there as long as possible.

  2. Hi Chris

    This is great! Musical theatre is definitely your vibe. I wouldn’t usually comment so early but your feel on the piano is just awesome and story telling Rich. Much respect. Malster

  3. Lovely piano-work Chris, varied and allowing the song to wander where it will. Chris. Stepping into someone else’s shoes, not always easy to do, but you do it with sincerity and empathy. It has clearly triggered some emotional stuff from listeners, sure sign of a song that’s earning its keep. Well done.

  4. Another lovely musical theatre style song! Beautifully played on the piano, as always, with lovely emotional lyrics and melodies. Great storytelling and beautifully performed!

  5. Another beautiful song Chris. It’s a strange phenonemon how people in dementia find solace in retreating in their thoughts to their childhood days. You’ve captured this very poignantly, and the piano accompaniment is, as ever, brilliant.