Rum, Eigg and Muck

I guess the theme of this one is stories that “sail away” or get forgotten. I got a bit carried away on the presentation, hanging a sheet over the curtain pole and making a sort of green screen and then putting three minutes of film of the Trent shoreline behind me. Its a long way to the sea from where I live!

Dad was a navy man
Back in the war
His whole life was shaped
By the things that he saw

A strong man a bright man
So often reserved
He’d explode on a short fuse
When I got on his nerves

Just now and then
He’d tell me stories
Of places he’d been to
Things that he’d seen
“Have I told you the one about?”
His opening line
But I barely listened
In my teens at the time

I left home at eighteen
And rarely went back
Frustrated relations
The generation gap

He died in the nineties
We could have done more
But so much of both of us
Was shaped by the war

Now I’m much older
Those stories are gone
Most of them sailed away
But a few still live on

Take me to Freetown
Take me to Stornaway
Take me to Malta and “Gib”
Those stories are gone now
But some of them stuck
Sail me past islands
Called Rum, Eigg and Muck

© Mark Spruce 07/04/2023


  1. Hi Mark, I can really relate to this as my dad was also in the Royal Nacy during the war and, like you, I never listened to anything he said, and I now regret it. Some nice guitar playing too – good sound. Cheers.

  2. I´m a sucker for a story song so this is my sort of song. That guitar sound is nice (Chorus?). I think we all regret not asking more questions, listened to the stories more closely.