A song based on my childhood home in the South Wales valleys (UK) and the people I grew up with. I wrote this on my tenor guitar which I bought earlier this month (my first acoustic guitar, apologies for any clunkiness!)

Lyrics below

Forest clad mountains and grey skies
Rumbling coal trains at their feet
teens all in bands or wanted to be
Girls learning to dance in the streets

Hymns in the chapel on Sundays
Sospan Fach at old Beaufort arms
Mams calling hometime down into the valley
Five more minutes kids shout from the parks

The echoing roars soar up through the valley
When the blue and blacks scored a try
Dancing at Woodys and smoking your ciggies
Were the sights and sounds of your life

Pre chorus
There was love not everyone showed it
Messy and mixed up old town
Many survived by just getting high
But you left without a goodbye

You can travel the world
from Texas to Canberra
Leave the Ebbw valley sounds
and the tree line behind you
Though That black seam of life
Maybe buried deep inside you
I still see your roots

Fathers that buried their feelings
Dug them deep in the pit with the clay
Nightmares of times they’d run for their lives
Friends not making past 20 birthdays

drugs in the gully if you want them
monotony keeping at bay
What would Isambard think of the kingdom he built
Would he recognise it all today?

Pre chorus
You couldn’t tell us your truth
Hid like the men in the clay
later we wept when you shared how youd felt
If only we had been brave

You’ve have been buffeted, cruel winds have blown you
And yet you’re here standing tall
Your branches of kindness touch all that can find them
Stand firm i won’t let you fall


  1. As mentioned on the Facebook page, this is wonderful, Bec. As a Welsh exile this is so evocative, though I think anyone can relate to the theme: ‘Hymns in the chapel on Sundays Sospan Fach at old Beaufort arms’ brought a tear to my eye! Your voice had never sounded better either. Cheers.

  2. Beautiful song. I loved the way your voice lifted at the pre-chorus. The song flowed naturally and the melody was gentle and perfectly expressed the loving sentiment of the song. Your voice really is pure and beautiful and it really came through in this song. Well done.

  3. Ha ha ha Andy. Ive never smoked (apart from a particularly wild hen weekend but less said about that the better ?). I certainly think in pictures so I’m glad that has somehow been conveyed

  4. Thanks Louise for kind comments. It is expressed with love to some troubled people I grew up with. I’m experimenting with the voice – wouldn’t normally dream of going there, but it’s so limiting melody wise if I don’t!

  5. Rebecca, I honestly don’t know how I got 3 SEPARATE LISTINGS of my song. I notified Saskia right after discovering this myself and notified her again today. P.S. I loved everything about YOUR song …and voted for it!

  6. Ha ha Ian, technically it’s not supposed to be possible, you must have a superpower. I just felt you needed to get them combined because you were in the lead when you add them all up (unless you also got multiple votes from the same people, but there’s no way you can know that!) looks like it might be sorted?