Rewind & Reset

Thank you Talent is Timeless for an opportunity to write a song. My entry was written and recorded within 3 days of my learning about the TisT 2022 competition. Its what I would go back in time and tell my twenty-year old self: all our heroes turned out to be as flawed as we are, so be kind to ourself, become cozy in our skin, there's no waste in being kind, and we'll both have a happier life. I am very proud of the song.
The video itself is just the visual idea of rewind, just tape running backward. I simply ran out of time, with too many ongoing projects and deadlines, to finish this as nicely as I intended.
Thank you again, Tist, for this opportunity. The 2022 competition entries I have viewed so far are wonderful, yes, all this talent should be recognized.
Peace and grace.