Returning (Home)

This is the song and the post that almost wasn’t. Thank you to those special people in this group who’ve helped me regain my balance this month; my head’s been all over the place. This is the song you, my patient supportive husband and my morning walks have helped me to write.

I chase the full moon in the morning
To catch its last kiss before dawn
As the owl light fades
The blackbird scatters the seeds of its song
A new day is born.

I return to my joy
I return to my lover
I return to my heart’s ease
I return to my home

Sheltered by sycamore & chestnut
Caressed by the scent of sweet pine
The longing light grows
And scatters its honey on the thirsting leaves
A new morning’s wine.

I return to my joy
I return to my lover
I return to my heart’s ease
I return to my home

Where my wild mind is stilled
My hungry heart filled
Perhaps I am still of some worth to this world.
My wild mind can heal
My lonely heart feel again…

I return to my joy
I return to my lover
I return to my heart’s ease
I return to my home.


  1. Just beautiful, Suzanne. As often before, your melody is straight out of the folk tradition, but still sounds fresh and original, and there’s a purity to your voice which is so appealing. Lots of striking images in the lyrics, which convey the complexities of emotions you are seemingly working your way through. I love it!

  2. Right, need to stop now, that’s the fourth listen on the bounce!!!! It has taken four listens to put the emotions back in the box and be able to type. Absolutely gorgeous, heartfelt, lyrically wonderful and beautifully sung (and played).

  3. Suzanne I haven’t listened to your song yet, simply read the lyrics and they are beautiful. Thank you.
    I’ll be back in however long your song is after having a listen,

  4. I’m only just begun to check this month’s posts on the website and want to thank all of you for your encouragement and support. I sang this song to the woods this morning. It was so cold and my breath hung in the air. What a privilege it is to have songs to sing, even when our only audience is the trees and birds. Thank you all 💜💜.

  5. Thank you, Chris. My Mum had a relentless positivity that saw her through the toughest of times. I think it’s why I always prefer to write positive songs. Maybe I’ll open the box where I keep all my darkness one day but it’s not the time. Thankfulness was her strategy and it’s mine too. So thank you 😊.

  6. Yet again, you raise the bar for the rest of us. It seems to me you are a poet as much as you are a lyricist. For example: ‘scatters its honey on the thirsting leaves’ that is beautiful. ‘As the owl light fades’ is another – put me in mind of my hero Dylan Thomas. I like the understated yet tight playing which allows the lyrics to take centre stage. Probably your strongest song yet. Well done.

  7. Thank you, Phil. I don’t do much with my songs once they’re written. Maybe sing them to a couple of friends and if I get a chance to go to an open mic or folk club. But I think this is one I’ll be returning to whenever I get the chance. Ha! I just realised what I did there. “Returning”.😂

  8. Thank you for listening, Betnard. I spent bad much time as I can in nature, just recharging. The song pretty much describes what happened on my early walk as thecJanuary full moon was setting.

  9. Thank you so much, Michael; that’s a lovely compliment. The lyrics describe my early walk at the January full moon. Nature had a lot of healing to do in January, and it didn’t fail me 😊.