Rear View Mirror

During the pandemic, I spent most of my time walking near rivers and the ocean with much time to contemplate, at near 70, what matters most. I found this afforded me much time to view my life through the “Rear View Mirror”.


  1. This is lovely! Reminds me of Kate be Wolf if you know her stuff. Killer lines and beautifully crafted hooks. Also you have taken a potentially sad topic and made it beautiful. Great performance too.

    1. Thank you! Honestly, if it sounds like I know it well, it is because I write in my head a lot rather than on paper, and I am often inspired out in nature, so I have to sing lines over and over to remember them…or I sing into my phone. I have a little computer mic and a cardboard box in my office(very high tech) and usually just do a first/final draft that way. Sometimes I try a little guitar lick to add intro. Not a new song, by the way. I am not concerned about aging, per se, but I am now in my 70th year, and when I wrote this song, it was during a pandemic escape trip to a new corner of the Northwest with beaches so rugged and beautiful, I literally spent most of my time weeping at the achingly haunting landscapes.

  2. Wow Charlotte, what a simply gorgeous song. I love it, it is a song I would choose to cover as it stirs my emotions. Beauty to ashes / ashes to beauty, what a powerful line. I also, like Eric said earlier hear essences of Kate Wolf (I newly discovered her music).

  3. How beautiful Charlotte. And what a beautiful place to create, write and play. Some lovely phrases and lyrics as the others said. And beautifully performed.
    There’s a lot of road in my rear view mirror and I’ve no idea how much ahead. But it’s been a journey. X

  4. In my personal view of life, music is both essential and yet sadly trivialized; powerful enough to make us laugh and cry, dance and sing, yet used most often to sell toothpaste and toilet paper. In it’s more pure and powerful form, a song is an incantation that summons spirit from hidden places deep in the heart and mind, and capable of turning back time. With all this in mind, you have created a beautiful song that is both delicate and powerful, deep and beautiful, and I hear you.

    1. Dan, what a thoughtful comment. I learned much about you in your discussion about music. It is always about spirit to me which is from where it arises. Thank you for hearing the heart behind this piece. And for taking the time to reflect on paper your response.