Ready For Your Love

It took a while but I was finally ready to move on.


  1. Thanks for the comments and encouragement. I don’t consider myself in any way accomplished as a musician, just enjoying the ride and indulging my hobby with a passion.
    My music and songwriting have been my therapy through difficult times. The lyrics are my story. I hope to be able to use my music to help others who may have had their own struggles.
    ‘If one line from one song helps one person, it’s all been worthwhile’.
    In answer to your question Heather, yes … if you’re interested, check out
    Keep smiling😎🎸👍

  2. I really enjoyed this, Tony. It’s fun, optimistic and you’d have us all up on the dance floor. Huey Lewis would love to have this on an album, I reckon. Though our styles are very different, I understand totally the therapy songwriting provides. It’s the main reason I’m part of this group. You’re certainly a more accomplished musician than I am!

  3. Thanks again for your enthusiastic and positive comments. It really does make me feel good about my music. Watch this space for other songs from Man on the Mountain Rock (if I have something that fits under the umberella of the next winner’s chosen theme)😎🎸🎤🎶👍