Press Rechord

I’m not sure I have stuck to the rules…but I tried!
A 1600 mile road trip inspired the lyrics and provided the video images. The same trip explains why I have only just got it uploaded (it’s not really finished but it is finished enough for others ears to hear I think).
The song is about……well I’m not sure, but it explores family, journeys, beginnings and ends.Visiting your children is like holding a mirror up to your own life and moving through time, so that the their actions become your own and their children’s future is something you know better than your own. Anyway, the trip made me very philosophical and contemplative.
I hope you enjoy the song x


  1. Thanks Julie, I was so pushed for time that I abandoned another section and left it at that. I think if the rules were applied strictly I might not qualify…imagine being red carded on TisT!!!

  2. Thanks Chris – I listened to your comments on my last track so the vocals have been toned down on this one. I was hoping to rope my wife into doing the backing vocals (she has a very pure, sweet voice). However, she was not feeling comfortable with it. Therefore I had to do it myself and to make it sound different from the lead I just used a different mic effect on Garageband.

  3. The more I hear of your music, the more I appreciate what a talent you have. Everyone has their own musical tastes but there’s something about the sounds, the lyrics you weave together resonate deeply with me. I could listen to this on repeat for ages. Beautifully conceived & arranged. I hope you release this 😘💜