We are living through an unprecedented time. No one alive today ever imagined there would or could be a global pandemic. We are in the midst of a passage where life as we knew it has changed and is evolving into something completely new. I wrote "Prayers" when my dear friend, singer Bob DiCicco, went into the ICU and onto a ventillator with severe COVID, and fought for his life there for 4 weeks, before another 3 weeks in the hospital with double pneumonia and a blood clot in his leg, followed by 100 days in rehab. Bob survived, thanks to love, prayers and his phenomenal spirit. "Prayers" has become a pandemic anthem, as mutant variants surge and fall, and COVID living has become "the new normal."


    1. Thanks Char! This pandemic has provided an opportunity for us to see how interconnected we are, and how we really need to hold hands and help one another whatever ways we can.