Picking Up The Pieces

Picking up the Pieces
V1 That little voice inside your head
Says keep them all at bay
Don’t let them in, under your skin
At least not today
So you build a wall around yourself
Build it tall and strong
No time to play those silly games
It won’t last long

Chorus Picking up the pieces, ‘cause it all fell down
Picking up the pieces, turn it round
We have to be strong now, what more can I say
Who knows we might face another day

V2 Can you pull yourself together please
Hold that chin up high
Snap out of it, you can’t just sit
You could at least try
So you fix a smile upon your face
Be the happy fool
Play the clown, just joke around
Like it’s all cool


V3 Just try to live a normal life
Normal as can be
Work and play, live for today
Pretend you’re free
So you’re standing in a crowded room
Alone amidst the throng
That brave face must stay in place
How is this wrong


V4 When the walls of life are crashing down
And it’s all falling in
Find the one, to just hold on
Be your anchor in the wind
So you cling tight to the ones you love
Rage against the gale
Stand and fight with all your might
‘til love and hope prevail

Chorus x 2


  1. Hi mate, Really enjoyed this one, really catchy melody and a memorable chorus. Some great lyrics, too – the cream of the crop for me is:. Rage against the gale – shades of Dylan Thomas, which is always welcome. Got to be worth a vote! Cheers.

  2. Catchy chorus that sits very satisfyingly with the melody of the verses. Loved the way you deliver your vocal so confidently. Great line at the end where you drop the harmonies to lend poignancy to the lyric.