I was tempted not to enter anything for the #regretchallenge as it’s been a rough month/week/day and this recording is as rough as a cat’s tongue too.
The working title is “Pebbles”; nothing to do with the progeny of Betty and Barney Rubble of Flintstones fame, but inspired by a story I heard a while ago of a woman in a wheelchair who had a bag on the back of her chair and put a stone in it each time she was insulted, ignored or slighted. When the bag became too heavy, she tipped the stones into a river and felt free to move on.
I imagined a woman doing the same with her regrets. Very much a work in progress.

I walk by the river to soothe my mind
There I see a woman from time to time.
From the bag beside her, she takes a stone
And lets it fall into its watery home.

As I approach, we share a smile
And I sit beside her for a little while.
She gives me a pebble,
Says, “Let it hold your pain.
You have nothing to lose
And a whole new world to gain.”

As she let each pebble go /Into the waiting waters below
She smiled the smile /Of a woman set free
Set free to be all, all she could be.

“This pebble is the ring I have never worn,
Another, the child that was never born.
The path not taken, the chances lost,
The times I’ve forgotten to count the cost.”

“I give my fears for the river to keep.
All my silent secrets, my tortured sleep.
My broken heart & forsaken dreams.
I cast them all into the flowing stream.”

As she let each pebble go/ Into the waiting waters below
She smiled the smile /Of a woman set free
Set free to be all, all she can be.

Some days you’ll find me by the riverside
And I carry a pebble for each time I’ve tried
And failed & fallen,
Become fortune’s slave
And I cast each pebble to its watery grave.

And as I let each pebble go/ Into the waiting waters below
And I smile the smile /Of a woman set free
Set free be all, all she can be.


  1. Thank you, Julie. These challenges really get the brain cells activated & the support & inspiration I’ve been getting from this group spur me on to try, even when I’m not too sure a song is quite what I want it to be. ?

  2. I like guitar part quite a bit, and the melody and your strong vocal are great. I like the idea of shedding pebbles to gain freedom. The markers of failures, also interesting.

  3. Thanks for listening, Peter. I’m new to performing live & to camera but I love to sing. Singing my own songs is a new experience for me & I’ve been surprised how much I enjoy it! ?

  4. Very kind comments, Eric; thank you. I also appreciate the time you’ve given to thinking about the theme. I know a few people who’ve found it liberating to externalise their grief or regrets. There’s great power in imagination.

  5. Hi Suzanne, This story really pulls the listener in. I am intrigued to know about the woman and want to know more: is she of this world, or a spirit? Is she real or imagined? There must be a great back-story waiting to be written here. Some brilliant lyrics (sung with great conviction) too: ‘My broken heart & forsaken dreams. I cast them all into the flowing stream’ is a wonderful image. Great song – congratulations. Cheers, Phil

  6. Thanks, Ian. I was so unsure about it & just posted the other evening, very late. The encouragement means a lot. I’m gradually believing my songs have some worth. I’ve a lot to thank my fellow members of TisT for. Xx

  7. What a beautiful song Suzanne. I love the way you’ve told the story. The performance reminded me of the collaboration between Anne Briggs and Bert Jansch, combining folk-style melody with more rhythmic accompaniment. Brilliant!

  8. Thank you so much, Paul. I’m flattered you’re reminded of Anne Briggs & Bert Jansch. I’ve been listening to them again after your comment on Facebook. They’re both musicians I admire greatly.

  9. Love this Suzanne! As with all your songs, there is such quality and depth to the music and lyric. I remember you saying it took you a long time to write songs – now you are becoming prolific in your output!!

  10. Thank you, Alan & Tracy; such kind, supportive comments. I’m finding these monthly challenges are providing some focus. The creativity is becoming addictive. ?
    Pentangle are in my roots, Tracy. I listen to lots of different styles but somehow my roots always show!!