Past The Divide

Past the Divide kjpeterson ©SLM
I slammed the door and me and Sunny lit out for El Paso
Slipped away that night just like we always planned
I was driving cross the river singing Be Bop A Lula
Had the Cadillac rolling, heading to the promised land

We drove 500 miles on down through the desert
Love made us crazy, we just couldn’t resist
Then we turned a corner that night down in Austin
Sad to say but I ain’t seen her since

She told me she would never leave me
Said we’d always be the best of friends
Sometimes you can’t see what’s coming
Most times it’s too close at hand


  1. I love this too! Perfect Country folk song. Love your voice and guitar sound. BTW, If you had seen her again, you wouldn’t have written this song…always the glass half full me.xx