An fine 'challenge' – I decided to take it 'head on' and found it more interesting than I expected!


  1. I really enjoyed this Dave, especially the philosophy, folk lore and mythology references as a Dr of Philosophy it was great to hear your intelligent lyrics, composition and excellent guitar performance rolled into a very good song for the monthly competition theme. Good job sir, I enjoyed!

  2. Thank you for you kind coments on my ‘Passages’ song. There is so much to listen to on the site, I really appreciate it when someone takes the time to listen to one of mine, and a positive comment better still. Working on the song, it began to feel abit of an intellectuao excercise, covering as much Passages ground as possible, Dr of Philosphy, what does that mean, as I remember it, that can cover a lot of academic disciplines – what is yours?

  3. Someone else mentioning the Minotaur! I started a song for this challenge & then the rest of March happened! It was called Maze of my Mind. Perhaps the world’s not ready for it yet! A cleverly crafted song, Dave. ??

    1. Thank you Suzanne. I hope the bug is going easy on you. I look forward to hearing the Maze of My Mind (your mind not mine!). I got acquainted with the Daedalus/Icarus myth through reading James Joyce at school and more recently found it linked with the Minotaur etc because Daedalus was the ‘fabulous artificer’ who designed the maze……

    1. Thank you Phil, there are passages everywhere I guess! Had a good old chat with my wife about your Church song this morning……as she said, your words do not reflect my more recent experience of Church albeit that was some years ago, but nevertheless your ‘Church’ was very recognisable to us both. It’s a good song that gets you talking!