Thanks for the challenge, Charlotte! Thought I’d never deliver on that one but this came out of nowhere, as they do…

It’s so different since the kids left home, you say you’ve got time on your hands

Found yourself thinking how the past has shaped you and decided to write it all down

Well, I’ve read your words ‘cos you asked me to, and I
recall some of those moments very well

You say you’re only doing it to pass the time, more a reminiscence than a kiss and tell

Jogging your memory with photographs, looking through the boxes in your drawers

Laughter frozen in a summer heatwave, was that the one that made you pause?

Or the flowers in the garden, the party hats, gathered around the Christmas table

Me with the key to a brand new car, going for a spin when I was able

Needing a break when you get writer’s block, taking a walk along the beach

Staring at the ocean from your favourite rock, still the horizon’s out of reach

Writing in third person makes it easier somehow, wondering if he ever heard her

You’ll forgive me if I skip some of the passages, sounds like someone got away with murder

You say it’s nothing special, just an ordinary life

You’re happy to avoid the old clichés

Smile when you re-read your favourite passages

Save the final chapter for another day.


  1. Thanks very much, Simon. I hope it wasn’t too ‘tired and emotional’! Really irritating that the lyric has appeared as a paragraph as opposed to in verses which is how I’d typed it out! Hope you might give it a ‘like’..!

  2. Always classy Hugh, and with lovely guitar work. Made me a bit teary which looking back always does. I have drawers of photos, songs and poems. Only interesting to me really. Anyway. Lovely. ?