Part Time Hero

Sometimes it feels a waste of time to put your recycling out or by the glass bottle rather than the plastic. This song is about not losing heart and remembering that if everyone did a little thing to help the battle against climate crisis, then together we can make a big difference…’every little change can help it to come true. It’s a begininning – it’s not the end!’


  1. A really good song, sad and yet still positive too… I share your sentiments…but somehow it does feel all too big, we are really up against it. A lovely song on a topic that is probably the biggest pending disaster mankind is facing. You’ve written about it in a constructive positive light….a bit of hope.

  2. Very poignant. I found this really moving. I could say a lot on my thoughts on the state of the world but its probably better I just comment on the song. That emerging seedling in your video said it all for me. Well done.